Monday, July 13, 2009

Pregnant women priority for H1N1 vaccine

Firstly, this vaccine has not been tested on ANYONE yet - nor will it be tested before being released on a gullible population. But NO vaccination is safe during pregnancy and just suggesting that pregnant women should receive this vaccine or any vaccine is criminally negligent and shows a gross disregard for the health and life of both mother and child.


  1. The reason for the vaccine not yet been tested may be that it hasn't been produced yet. That is the case for the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) vaccine, where the first are ready in september. Then there will be clinical studies, aka testing, before it is released to the public. This is the case in Norway.

    It is common sense to give medication to those who need it most first, don't you think?

  2. Actually, they will NOT be testing this vaccine at all - they are using a "mock-up" and testing another vaccine and using those results to say that this shot is safe. It's like taking a vial of water, drinking it, finding that you are not harmed and therefore saying that drinking any clear liquid will be safe. Really dumb! And not scientific at all. Women are not supposed to take an aspirin while they are pregnant - so why would taking a vaccine containing a huge amount of toxic and immune-altering substances be safe while you are carrying a new life? Think about it.

  3. The Australian pharmaceutical company CSL's clinical "swine flu" trial data published on September 10th in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that vaccines without the dangerous adjuvants used in the clinical trials - even though Australians are set to be given "swine flu" vaccines with adjuvants