Sunday, June 28, 2009

A double-blind study that nobody looks at

Homefirst Health Services - Autism Dan Olmsted

The Amish don't get autism - and in general, they don't get vaccines either. This is totally ignored by mainstream medicos.

A Chicago GP with a very big practice doesn't vaccinate his patient's kids and guess what? They don't get autism either.

How much more proof does the government need?

Gardasil causes 1662.5% jump in reaction reports in Australia

Cancer vaccine linked to illness in women | National News |

This beggars belief! There is an ADMITTED 1660% PLUS jump in reported reactions; it is ADMITTED that this jump is an underestimate of the actual number of reactions that have been reported and yet, for some inexplicable reason, "NSW Health says it is monitoring the situation closely, but said the results did not outweigh the benefits of the vaccination program." How are they monitoring this? Who are they monitoring when only about 1% of reactions are reported and of that tiny percentage, only an even smaller number are actually causally linked to the vaccine by the authorities?

Our girls are being used a guinea pigs and an easy market for unscrupulous drug companies and their minions at public (ill) health.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When is Autism not Autism? When the vaccine courts make a payout!

Here we have a prime example - one of more than 1,300 apparently - of how it is possible for the US government and its vaccine kangaroo court to continue to claim that vaccines are not linked to Autism. When payouts are made, they just keep the word Autism out of the judgement. And if you have a child who has been diagnosed as Autistic, you simply don't win unless you are a Hannah Polling and your parents are doctors and lawyers so they have both the wherewithal and the knowledge to fight the courts properly. Remember this the next time someone tells you that vaccines don't cause Autism.

Debunking the theory that in 1918, it was influenza that killed millions

Right now, we are being scared witless (literally) by the H1N1 virus. It is going to kill millions of people just like it did in 1918 and we are all goingto need to get drugged, vaccinated and controlled in order to prevent this disaster. But what if it wasn't actully the flu that killed people back in 1918?

Read the following information for a calmer, more fact-based vision of what actually was the cause of death in 1918 and why it is that we don't really need to fear H1N1. Rather, we need to fear our government and medical community that is trying to force vaccination and drugs on its citizenry.