Thursday, June 18, 2009

Debunking the theory that in 1918, it was influenza that killed millions

Right now, we are being scared witless (literally) by the H1N1 virus. It is going to kill millions of people just like it did in 1918 and we are all goingto need to get drugged, vaccinated and controlled in order to prevent this disaster. But what if it wasn't actully the flu that killed people back in 1918?

Read the following information for a calmer, more fact-based vision of what actually was the cause of death in 1918 and why it is that we don't really need to fear H1N1. Rather, we need to fear our government and medical community that is trying to force vaccination and drugs on its citizenry.

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  1. we need a revolution against the wanna-be oppressors! Alan