Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Container carrying swine flu virus explodes on Swiss train

Firstly, why in the world would an infectious virus be carried from one place to another on a public train? And how is it possible to determine in “several hours” that infection could be completely ruled out? But we can trust these people to provide us with safe and effective vaccines if they carry on all of their business in this manner, right? I don’t think so!

LAUSANNE - A container for transporting swine flu virus samples exploded on a Swiss train, authorities said Tuesday, but stressed that there was no danger to the public.

The container, which was filled with dry ice and carried samples of the H1N1 swine flu virus and was destined for Switzerland’s national influenza centre in Geneva, exploded Monday night on board a train.

A laboratory employee had picked up the samples in Zurich to transport them by train to Geneva, but the package exploded near Fribourg and Lausanne, after melting dry ice, which had been wrongly placed, caused a build-up of pressure.

Two people suffered slight injuries, police confirmed, but authorities stressed there was no danger for the public as the virus was not the mutated strain which is suspected to have caused up to 149 deaths in Mexico.

The train was halted for several hours and the 61 passengers on board the affected carriage monitored until an infection could be completely ruled out, police said.


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  1. Here is the response from a Doctor to my comments on Jane Burgermeister's writ against Baxter et al.

    "John are you serious about this stuff? It is written in highly unprofessional manner and cannot be taken seriously. It's sounds to me
    like somebody has a grudge against WHO or pharmaceutical companies in
    With respect to the Maltese situation, it has already been agreed that such vaccine will not be used until appropriate testing has been
    performed. Having said that, neither WHO nor any other agency can force or oblidge [sic] medical doctors to give a particular tratment[sic]. It goes against the Hippocratic Oath which is binding to all doctors and is 'sacred'. So please rest assured that the medical profession will do its utmost to
    provide the adequate care based on sound scientific knowledge."

    Reassuring? Maybe if the vaccine is properly tested, but it will be by a Government controlled Lab, and the WHO from all I read could have dissolved all Governments by then, and enforced travel restrictions.

    The big hole in my Doctor friend's argument is that Doctors are not needed to administer the vaccine. Health workers will do so. They will do what they are told, and they are not subject to the Hippocratic Oath.

    He also seems not to have read or heard any of Jane Burgermeister's interviews or texts on her campaign against Baxter.

    There is no question they sent out 72kg of live bird flu infected anti flu vaccine to 18 separate customers in 16 Countries,which they had manufactured in Austria.It was also incorrectly labelled, maybe to hide the true content?

    They are claiming it was an error. Pardon? You test any batch before it is manufactured. That disposes of lie #1.

    Never in a Lab would a live virus be able to be mixed into a vaccine without complicity of the Lab directors.

    This was a deliberate act intended to kill probably millions of people. If you are not aware of the Bilderberg Group, aka The New World Order, get real.

    Re comments on the explosion of the Swine Flu phials on a crowded train, it is clear Baxter are not to be trusted to handle or manufacture any vaccine, unless it was a direct experiment to see how effective it could be for future plans to spread the virus? You decide.

    The direct route from Mexico to the Package's destination in Geneva, was by direct flight. So what was it doing being taken on the circuitous route via Zurich, and then on crowded public transport?

    Are we to believe Baxter doesn't know how to package viruses in transit? If so, they are incompetent and their Licence to deal in dangerous viruses should be withdrawn.

    We were told there was no danger to those exposed to the contents of the phials. They would say that, wouldn't they? Anyone who subsequently develops Swine Flu will be claimed to have been contaminated in their community.

    To admit there was a potential risk from the exploding phials, would have left Baxter open to heavy Lawsuits.

    Baxter has been appointed as one of 2 companies licenced to supply the UK with their Vaccine, probably because the UK Government had no choice.

    The number of manufacturers are limited, and one of the others has been accused of including cancer cells or products in their version.Are you getting the message?

    Read up on Colloidal Silver, zinc and echinacea [together], Vitamin C, and Elderberry Extract. You can make colloidal silver, the best fighter of germs and viruses, with a simple kit at home. Make sure you use pure distilled water, not the stuff you put in your iron, or battery.

    What's wrong with you OZ people? Why isn't this site humming with comments? Don't you care that you are about to be wiped out by a 2 shot vaccine?

    The 1st to weaken your immune system. The 2nd will be loaded with enough metals and other pathogens, to practically ensure it kills you. If they make it mandatory, then you will know this is their intention.