Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Complacent Parents Spread Whooping Cough - according to the Courier Mail, at least

Yes, the woman who single-handedly made Brisbane’s water toxic to drink has now made QLD’s parents toxic too! There is NO evidence that the whooping cough vaccine will do anything to stop the spread of this disease. We are having the biggest outbreak of whooping cough on record despite the fact that our vaccination rate is also a record - over 95% for the first time ever. This is truly a shot in the dark!

NEW Queensland parents will be offered free vaccinations for whooping cough in a bid to stem the rapid spread of the disease. Premier Anna Bligh yesterday announced the $3 million immunisation program would operate for six months and then be reviewed.

From August 1, mums and dads with babies born from May 1 this year will be able to access free vaccinations through their local GP, baby health clinic or local council. The Government hopes immunising parents will help prevent the potentially deadly spread of whooping cough to babies aged less than six months who are too young to have received the three courses required for vaccination.


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