Saturday, September 19, 2009

Researchers reveal reasons for low vaccination rates against influenza viruses

So, doctors, nurses and other health professionals say they don't want to take the flu vaccine because they don't think they are at a great risk of infection, they are afraid of adverse reactions from the vaccine and they think the vaccine won't work.

If these trained professionals feel this way (and 70% of them do!), then why is the answer - MAKE THEM VACCINATE? Surely, if those who are supposed to push vaccinations on others refuse to take them themselves, there is a problem and forcing them to vaccinate won't solve it.


Researchers reveal reasons for low vaccination rates against influenza viruses

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  1. "This reluctance is astounding, firstly because vaccination against influenza viruses is considered safe and effective and secondly because it has been proved to prevent nosocomial transmission of disease to patients—provided at least 50% of employees have been vaccinated."

  2. Do you really believe that the vaccination can either prevent asymptomatic carriage or infection? I'm afraid you are deluded because every independent study of any influenza vaccine shows conclusively that it can do neither.

    And the reluctance to use these particular vaccines is very much warranted due to the use of unapproved adjuvants containing squalene and other oil-based substances as well as for their use of nano-technology - another untested procedure.

    Perhaps you think that this reluctance is astounding, but these medical professionals know what they don't want to subject themselves too and I can understand that absolutely! Who wants to be a guinea pig? If you do - go for it!