Sunday, September 27, 2009

Implantable device to tell doctors what viruses are in you

This is terrifying. And it is happening now. How will this device be administered? What other applications will it be put to? How will the satellite tracking be managed? Will we have the option to say no to this device? The implications are myriad and the abuses are even greater.

Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that ethics and safety are not keeping up.

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  1. Shocking. Verichip shares jumped 186% with the news of the patent. Similar jump in shares for the Big Pharma companies like CSL the maker of the Aussie vaccine. Following the 'money' gives you a good clue as to what is going to happen... It's just like the astronomical and abnormal increase in futures' bets that American Airlines shares would go down prior to 9/11. And this is another 9/11 - but on steroids!

    Verichip also claim that the implanted chip will not only detect what virus you have, but it will also double up as a tracking device. This is our worst nightmare. A thriller novelist couldn't have dreamt up something this bad.