Monday, August 17, 2009

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates - Yahoo! News

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates - Yahoo! News

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  1. Thanks for this blog - it's to be able to read everything like this without going through google search. I jsut had to write so joined up on a google account. I have started doing research on vaccinations as part of educating myself on becoming a new mum :) . I am starting to waver on the childhood immunisations....still not sure but I get the feeling once my baby arrives I will be just too doubtful to give vaccines... thanks to my dad who has been doing his own research he had got me onto it too. I am 4 months pregnant and I am worried ovbviously about the swine-flu but not the flu, the actual vaccine. Many of my friends say that they want to be first to get it (they too are pregnant)...How can I presuade them otherwise without seeming like a know it all? They just accept everything they are told as the right thing to do. I am way more scared of the swine flu vaccine than the actual swine flu - maybe I'll just have to keep myself isolated so I don't expose myself to it.

    I have a question - why are the government ordering so many vaccines???...I just don't get it. My dad has his theories, but anyhow I think it's a lot of money to be wasting. Does anyone know how much money they are spending on the vaccines...imagine what that could be going towards!