Sunday, August 2, 2009

New York State makes flu shots compulsory despite nurses opposition

Why, if the nurses don't want to be forced to vaccinate, are they not up in arms about the fact that vaccination has been compulsory for children in the US since 1978 with NY being one of the states that does not have a philosophical exemption? The shoe is now on the other foot and they feel the pain. It is obvious that nurses know and have known that vaccination is not safe and not effective. It has taken this to finally get them active in saying so.


The New York State Nurses Association has strongly opposed a regulation that would require every healthcare worker in the state to be immunized for influenza.

Despite these objections, the New York State Hospital Planning and Review Council has adopted the proposal as an emergency rule that could go into effect before this winter’s flu season. The rule affects all healthcare personnel, both paid and unpaid, who interact with patients in hospitals, diagnostic and treatment centers, certified home health agencies, long-term healthcare programs, AIDS home care programs, licensed home care services, and hospices.
In its testimony, the association called the council’s action a “scorched earth” approach. “While we encourage nurses to be immunized for the flu, we do not agree that nurses should be required to get immunizations as a condition of employment,” said Eileen Avery, RN, associate director of the association’s Education, Practice & Research Program.

“The seasonal flu vaccine is not 100 percent effective and sometimes is highly ineffective, as it was in 2005 and 2007,” Avery said. “There is no guarantee that in any given year, the public will benefit from mandatory immunization of healthcare providers.”

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