Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Merck had ‘hit list’ of doctors they sought to ‘neutralize,’ court documents reveal

Any other company that used these sorts of tactics would have been shut down ages ago and their directors and those involved put in prison. For goodness sake! Pan Pharmaceuticals was closed down for one of their drugs causing nausea! Merck has killed and maimed millions and spent billions covering up the damage. Why is this allowed to continue? Where are our regulators? Is drug money too lucrative for those who are supposed to be protecting us to actually do their job?

By Mike Adams

Previously secret documents that surfaced at a Vioxx court case in April of this year reveal pharmaceutical giant Merck maintained a “hit list” of doctors to be “neutralized” for speaking out against Vioxx. Although this story was reported on NaturalNews and other sites in April, Merck’s involvement in the recent round of swine flu vaccines raises new questions regarding Merck’s behavior towards its critics (see below).

As was reported in The Australian, documents that have surfaced in the Federal Court in Melbourne expose the criminal intent of Merck staffers who admitted they intended to “stop funding to institutions” and “interfere with academic appointments.” (These actions are highly illegal, by the way.)

According to on-the-record testimony in this Australian trial, one Merck employee said, in referring to the doctors on the hit list, “We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live…”

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